split w/ Stars Are Insane

by Monogamy

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back in the rok lok high life! recorded over a long time in the summer/early fall of '13. stars are insane occupies the other side of the tape and blows my garbage out of all water. just out, get it while it's warm.
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released October 22, 2013



all rights reserved
Track Name: Beneath The Whip
i woke up, my head was empty
i bled into a tape, my bed
was an obelsik, a prism, a script

i can hear the mirror crying
i recognize my face
blood constellates the nightly stains.

i swore i'd stand beneath the whip, and find you
in heaven or in hell.
Track Name: Remain Lingering
will my bruises heal?
oh, but i can't feel
nothing, just your breath on my
skull, and your magic
when the nights are tragic
oh, i know i'm sick
dying, in a hospital
Track Name: Whispering Glass
save me. who am i?
this body can't live.